The Sewing Room.

Oh wait… is there really a sewing machine in there?

Almost every household has that “junk” room, closet or drawer. You know, the place you just shove things in to when you’re not sure where to put it.
Maybe you call it a storage room or junk drawer. It may have even started organized, but after time, somehow, we accumulate more and more things.

It’s so easy to just close the door or the drawer and out-of-site means out-of-mind.

When I was growing up, we called that room the “sewing room.” It was a room full of stuff and since there were four kids, we were constantly hiding more stuff in that room. Shoving a couple more items in the room to tidy up the rest of the house was our easy way of cleaning up.

Before we knew it, that room was jam-packed with the most random things in the house. The sewing room become the storage room and we could hardly even open the door. Let alone, walk through it.
When I was about 10 years old, I decided to clean out the sewing room. I recall wanting to clean it out as a gift for my Mom to get her sewing room back.

Day by day, I began by taking everything out and slowly started sorting through things. It was so much fun to find years of memories tucked away in boxes. I found things I didn’t even know we owned and somehow, I made it through the piles and slowly began seeing the floors again.

Making my way to the closet, I found clothes my mother had sewn. I knew there were stories about these clothes and would later ask my Mom to tell me more about them.

Finally, I uncovered the sewing machine and cleared off the table! Yes, there really was a sewing machine in there and somehow I found it!

My Mother's sewing machine which I later learned how to sew with.

This is my Mother’s Sewing Machine which I later learned how to sew with. My Aunt now has the machine and uses it regularly. Behind it shows a quilt my Aunt is making out of embroidered pieces from my late Grandma.

I went to the store and purchased a dozen roses for my Mom and left them in the room with a note. When my Mom came home from work one day, I opened the room and she was amazed! That room was once again a sewing room. She has kept the roses to this day and dried them.

Roses for Mom's sewing room

These are the roses I gave my Mom as a gift when I cleaned out her sewing room. She dried them and has still kept them 26 years later.

I asked my Mom to show me the clothes she sewed which were tucked away in the closet. We opened a garment bag and in it was my Mom’s wedding dress. She showed me her beautifully hand-crafted dress she sewed. The laces and fabrics were ornate, and you could tell they were of high quality. It was so meaningful to see her wedding gown.

My Mom's Wedding dress which she sewed

My Mom sewed her wedding dress and it was the first inspiration of hand-crafted beauty for me.

Even though I cleaned this room as a gift for my mother, I later realized, that gift turned out to be for me more than for her. You see, if I didn’t clean that room out, I likely never would have sewn with the machine. Having the sewing machine accessible gave me a push to learn how to use it. At the same time, Mom’s wedding dress showed me the beauty of hand-crafted items.

When we show kindness towards others, we don’t expect or want anything in return and somehow, kindness always makes its way back around… even though it may be years later when we realize it.
I believe when you give something to someone, the emotion of happiness from giving is more rewarding than receiving a gift.

Somehow, when you give, you still receive. I received more than I ever could have imagined. From the joy of surprising my Mom with a clean sewing room, to the many years of happiness I’ve received from sewing.

What’s your favorite gift you’ve given someone? Share with the comments below! 🙂


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