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Welcome to Making a Moulage with the GRD Method!

It’s time to turn all of those designs in your head into a reality and Making a Moulage is the first step in doing that. I’m so excited for what’s to come!

In this Introduction video, we’ll go through the materials you’ll need for the entire course in this video. You’ll want to be sure you have them all before we begin the first Module. And I’ll also go through how to use this Dashboard so you can find everything you need during the process.

Before we start the course, I want you to download the Bonus Goal worksheet below and fill it out. When you come to a part that you get stuck or are just tired, I want you to look at that goal list you have. Think of what you want to achieve, because I know you can. I believe in you.

In case you want to go at your own pace, you are more than welcome to once the modules are released. I don’t want you to feel rushed. This is a process and when done correctly, you will have a solid foundation for years to come.

And one more thing, Join the Private Facebook Group by clicking the button below. Please make a post on there and introduce yourself to us! I can’t wait to see you there. In case you want to email instead of post in the Facebook group, you can do so by emailing

Module 1 – How to Measure Yourself

Wow, are you ready to overcome the hardest part of this entire course?! That’s right, measuring yourself is the #1, hardest part to do correctly (according to surveys).

Release Date: 27-Sep-2021

Module 2 – Entering your Measurements & Pattern Grid

What?! The math is already done? In this module, you’ll enter in your body measurements and all the calculations will be done for you.

Release Date: 04-Oct-2021

Module 3 – Drafting the Front Moulage

Now, we’re at the super fun part! We’re going to start the drafting process. First, we’ll start with the Front-bodice.

Release Date: 06-Oct-2021

Module 4 – Drafting the Back Moulage

You’re amazing. You’re already on to the Back-bodice drafting. This will be even easier than the front because we don’t have so many darts.

Release Date: 11-Oct-2021

Module 5 – Prepping & Cutting your Moulage

By now you’ve noticed there are a lot of darts to this Moulage! Well, we don’t want to sew all of these darts, do we?! I certainly don’t.

Release Date: 18-Oct-2021

Module 6 – Sewing your Moulage

We love to sew and I’m so happy to have you as my sewing partner through this video. We’ll sew each piece together in the right order.

Release Date: 20-Oct-2021

Module 7 – Perfecting the Fit

We all want a perfect fit, right?! Of course, we do. Your body is perfect. It’s the clothes that aren’t perfect yet…so let’s make them customized to you, starting with your Moulage.

Release Date: 25-Oct-2021

Module 8 – Creating a Sloper

Your Moulage is made from exactly your measurements. A Sloper has additional ease added to it. This Sloper will be your base pattern for blouses and dresses.

Release Date: 01-Nov-2021

Congratulations! You’ve Made your Moulage & Sloper!

Congratulations! You’ve now made it to the end of the course! Let’s take a look at how far you’ve come.

Release Date: 20-Oct-2021

*BONUS* Goals Worksheet

Tools and Supplies List – with images