Lesson 2 – How to Measure Yourself for the Most Accurate Results

Welcome to the 2nd lesson in this mini-course series where we’ll be talking about how to measure yourself for the most accurate results. Part of creating the wardrobe of your dreams is making sure it fits correctly. A nice-fitting garment always starts with accurate measurements of your body.

I’m sharing my Top 10 Tips in measuring yourself so you know you’ve done it correctly.

You’ll find the Free PDF below, which has all these tips listed and many of the tools you’ll need to measure yourself.

In case you also want to download a complete list of all the tools and supplies you need for Making a Moulage, you can find it in this blog post.

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I really want to hear your feedback about the tips in today’s lesson. Which tip do you find most useful and how will you take action in getting started?

Free Bonus Download – Top 10 Tips