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Learn 3 Secret Tips for
Mastering Garment Ease & Make Pattern Corrections Before Sewing a Fitting Sample.

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Incorrect garment ease is the cause of most fitting issues.

Master garment ease to reduce fitting frustrations.

Who Am I and Why I Created This Training

I’m Gina Renee, and after 20 years of working in the garment industry, I now teach sewists how to design clothes they love that fit.


When I saw that so many of my students struggled with garment ease which created many fitting issues, I knew I had to share my framework.


It seemed like the results with “standard” ease amounts were just not that great for many students, and defining their own customized ease standards would be the way to solve many of the fitting issues.


Since I’ve worked in several countries around the world with many body types and many silhouette preferences, I know that garment ease is a very subjective topic.


Garment ease amounts should be defined by each person because standards are not always going to work. Just like we can see in ready-to-wear garments and in commercial sewing patterns, standards don’t work for everyone. Can you relate to that?


And even if your measurements are close to standard proportions, you’ll still want to master your customized ease amounts so you can achieve the silhouette for the design you envision. This will make you a stronger Designer.


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It’s Time To Make Clothes You Love That Fit.

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