Student’s Stories – Gina Renee Designs

Will It work for my body type?

Genny’s Experience


Perseverance is Key!

Ruddy’s Story


The Freedom To Design

Laura’s Story


Other Methods didn’t work, will this?

Catie’s Story


I sat down to have conversations with some of the students from the online course, “Making a Moulage – the GRD Method.”


I didn’t know what they would say before we spoke, and it was so fun to hear their feedback. I hope you enjoy it too! And, I hope it gives you some inspiration for your sewing journey. 


We talk a lot about the Private Facebook community. If you’re not a part of Facebook, it’s not a requirement to join the community. We can converse via email for any questions you have.

I hope to see you in the online course soon!

If you have questions, feel free to post them below! If you can’t post, please reply back to an email you received from me and I’ll respond per email.