Creating a Sloper

Your Moulage is made from exactly your measurements. A Sloper has additional ease added to it, we call this the wearing ease. This Sloper will be your base pattern for blouses and dresses.

If you remember back in Module 2, we spoke about the body as being a cylinder. If you want to understand why we give more ease to certain areas of that cylinder, we’ll touch on this topic again as a refresher and why we give more ease in certain areas over others.

I suggest for your first draft of your sloper to do it in patternmaking/craft paper. Then after it’s final, transfer it to the poster board/oaktag. The heavier board allows you to manipulate it easier on paper, creating all those designs you want.

You may want to play with your ease amounts within your darts and side seams and we’ll go through some of this topic in this video. This is a big module and you’ll likely go through a draft or two before finalizing your sloper, so be patient!

Your Bonus of placing your Moulage on your adjustable dress form is now available on the Bonus page 🙂

Wow! I am so amazed by your determination to finish this project. You have made it to the end! Great work. You’ve come so far and the possibilities are endless…

Module 8 – Creating a Sloper