Drafting the Back Moulage

You’re amazing. You’re already on to the Back-bodice drafting. This will be even easier than the front because we don’t have so many darts!

Just like the front bodice, I highly suggest printing out the pdf guide for this Module and writing down your “Bxx” measurements according to each step. You’ll be sure to take only the measurements starting with a “B.”

The pdf guide and the video show you step by step how to draft this back Moulage. The back moulage will be the opposite of the front. Meaning the armhole/neckline will be on the left side of the pattern for the back bodice.

if you choose to use the pattern grid, that pdf download is in Module 2 in the same file as the front grid.

Once you’ve finished this module, you’re done with your first drafting of your entire moulage! This is seriously exciting!

Module 4 – Drafting the Back Moulage