Drafting the Front Moulage

Now, we’re at the super fun part! We’re going to start the drafting process. First, we’ll start with the Front-bodice.

I highly suggest printing out the pdf guide for this Module and writing down your “Fxx” measurements according to each step (or typing it in digitally on the computer). You’ll take your “Fxx” measurements from the email attachment you received in the previous module, “Moulage Results.” Any measurement that starts with an “F” is for the front. The “B” measurements will be for the next module.

Take notes as you go. There are some parts of the videos which are for trouble-shooting or “checks” as you go.

The pdf guide and the video show you step by step how to draft this front Moulage. At first, it might seem a little abstract. When you get further along, you’ll see the pattern coming together just fine.

You’ve got this! I know you do.

Module 3 – Drafting the Front Moulage