Entering your Measurements & Pattern Grid

We are going to enter our body measurements in an Online Survey form for the first half of this module. In the 2nd half, we will go through printing and assembling the pattern grid.

So, right now you might be asking, why didn’t we just enter our measurements directly on the computer in that last module? Well, that previous Module was a hard one and I want you to have a fresh mind for this Module to make sure it’s done correctly.

You’ll want a copy of your measurements on hand and it’s good to double check you have every measurement before you begin. If you don’t have all the body measurements, your calculations won’t be correct. We always want to double check our work and this is why we do this Module separately.

The survey below links up to a calculations sheet that is extremely complex (I spent about 9 months perfecting this calculations sheet in the background and hired 3 scripting Developers to link it up correctly). You must have every line filled in correctly and this video shows you how to complete it. And don’t worry, this calculations form will be available to you for future Moulages too. The script and calculations form is available for anyone who has purchased the course for use now and in the future.

But the good news?! You don’t have to do the mathematics! It’s worth the effort for correct calculations! Plus, this process can find errors if some of the body measurements were really off.

Click one of the options below, select the option for the units of measure you’ve used in the previous Module.

Imperial (Inches) Online Survey Form

Metric (Centimeters) Online Survey Form


The second half of this module takes you through the printing and assembling prosses for thePattern grid (pdf in the below downloads). You have the option of using regular pattern paper or this grid which you tape together. It’s totally up to you which you prefer! (and if you’re not one for details, then I suggest just to use regular pattern paper instead of the grid 🙂

If you go to the copy shop to print it, be sure they print it at 100% Scale!

Module 2 – Theory behind the Calculations

Prep for Module 3 & 4 – Imperial (Inches) Grid, Letter and A4 Paper Size

Prep for Module 3 & 4 – Metric (Centimeters) Grid, Letter and A4 Paper Size

Copy Shop Printing Size A0 –  Imperial (Inches) Grid – Tell them to print at 100% Scale

Copy Shop Printing Size A0 –  Metric (Centimeters) Grid – Tell them to print at 100% Scale