How to Measure Yourself

Wow, are you ready to overcome what some people call the hardest part of this entire process?! That’s right, measuring yourself is the #1, hardest part to do correctly (according to surveys taken before the course).

And guess what, if you don’t measure correctly, the pattern just doesn’t fit as well. That’s why I’ve developed specific tricks to get the most accurate measurements possible.

I highly suggest you buy the materials needed in the tools/supply lists to get the full advantage and your correct measurements. But with Covid-19, you might need to get creative if you can’t find everything!

I give you many tips to measure by yourself, but having someone help you along the way will help. I highly suggest cross-checking ALL of your sticker placements and measurements for this CRITICAL module. The previous students have said this is THE most critical thing in achieving a nice outcome.

You’ll definitely need someone to help you with the Back measurements at the END of the video. I suggest allowing 2-3 hours for this Module (or 1 1/2-2 hours if you have someone to help you the whole time). It takes a lot of patience, but you’ll get through it! (Don’t worry, the other modules won’t take this long 🙂

If you’ve never measured yourself before or you just want to really make sure you get it right, I suggest watching this entire video first before attempting it. Even though you might feel like you’ll forget it all, it will make it easier to comprehend when you begin taking the measurements. Standing for 2-3 hours can be hard work, so by watching it all through first, you’ll save some standing time and get better measurements 🙂

I highly suggest doing all your measurements in one go, because if you stop/start on different days, your stickers won’t be in the same position when you re-do it later.

If you have questions, you can post to the Facebook group and TAG me, so I’m sure not to miss it. Or if you are not in the Facebook group, you can email me at
REMEMBER: I am in Switzerland and maybe on a different time zone. I’ll respond as soon as I can 🙂

You will need to print out the Point of Measure List (Pages 2-3 of the pdf download) before you begin.

The How to Measure Guide below will help you along the way, but you can’t do this without the video! Please refer to it as needed!

Module 1- How to Measure Yourself