Perfecting the Fit

We all want a perfect fit, right?! Of course, we do. Your body is perfect. It’s the clothes that aren’t perfect yet…so let’s make them customized to you, starting with your Moulage.

While the GRD method is very accurate when we measure accurately, our measurements aren’t always enough to give us the absolute perfect fit because there are variances from shape to shape.

This video and pdf fitting guide show you the main issues with fit. I challenge you to go through this whole fitting guide and video first before you make any corrections. You’ll want to make any pattern corrections to your original pattern (the one with all the darts). Then if you get stuck, you can always connect on the Facebook GRD group. I’ll be happy to help you and many others will too.

Once you make all of your fitting corrections, you may want to go through Modules 5 & 6 again for another fitting round. If you’ve only made minor corrections, you may be able to fix your Moulage for those minor adjustments instead of going through a whole new fitting round.

Just like every snowflake is different, your body is unique to you. And trust me, you are as perfectly beautiful as that unique snowflake. You are just steps away from getting that customized fit you’re looking for.

This Fitting Module is my favorite of them all… The fitting has been my primary task in my career in the Clothing industry over the last 17 years. I hope you enjoy my little trick about diagonal draglines. It’s my signature trick of the GRD Method.

A reminder: Make sure any fitting corrections you make are to your original pattern!

Module 7 – Perfecting The Fit