Prepping & Cutting your Moulage

By now you’ve noticed there are a lot of darts to this Moulage! Well, we don’t want to sew all of these darts, do we?! I certainly don’t. During this video, we’ll close some of these darts to create princess seams and trace the pattern onto the muslin fabric.

I’ve learned to love the cutting process and find it so therapeutic. Do you remember being a kid and loving to use the scissors…loving to cut and create? Those precious moments are revived in us today.

You’ll first prepare the pattern to cut it and trace it to your fabric. Then you’ll add seam allowances and notches, cut the fabric out, and mark your pieces.

Enjoy the cutting process. It’s relaxing and the first moment we get to work with fabric during this project. And I have a feeling, I’m not the only fabric lover here.

Get ready for sewing, because that’s coming in the next Module, which will be released on Wednesday! This means there’s more fun ahead 🙂

Module 5 – Prepping & Cutting your Moulage