Sewing your Moulage

I’m so happy to have you as my sewing partner through this video 🙂 We’ll sew each piece together in the right order. Don’t forget that you’ll need to sew a right and left side…with muslin fabric, there isn’t a front side of the fabric, so this can be tricky to remember.

Remember to sew with the same seam allowances that you gave in the previous Module.

There is no need to fold over the armhole, hemline, or neckline and I highly suggest you don’t. If you fold them over and sew them, they will get stretched out and won’t give a nice fitting.

We’ll get to finishing options for the armhole and neckline later in the Bonus (Placing the Moulage on your Mannequin) after we’ve gone through the fitting process.

Once you’ve sewn your moulage, you can put a long ribbon through the zipper puller to try it on yourself. (Just in case no one is there to help zip you up!) Just remember, your moulage may not fit exactly right yet. We need to go through the next module for the fitting process before it’s totally customized to your shapes.

You’ve come so far and I’m so proud of you!

Enjoy the huuumm of your sewing machine and let it be a relaxing, creative, and therapeutic process!

Module 6 – Sewing your Moulage