The Fitting Book

Many Women Struggle with the Standard Sizing of Commercial Sewing Patterns, which Leads to Fitting issues.

Don’t Waste Time & Money Making Clothes that don’t Fit.

Learn the 3-Step
Fitting Process:

  • A) Identify the Fitting Issue.
  • B) Pin, Cut, & Tape the Fitting Sample.
  • C) Correct the Sewing Pattern.


  • This Fitting Book Includes:
  • ~ Tops ~
  • ~ Pants ~
  • ~ Skirts/Dresses ~
  • ~ My Secret in Diagonal Draglines ~

It’s Time to Sew Clothes You Love that Fit.

Don’t let the Stores Define Your Style

Transform your designs into Reality.

Turn Nothing… into Something…


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Womens Shirt Patterns Sewing

Sweater Pattern – Top Sewing Pattern

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Hooded Infinity Scarf Sewing Pattern

Hooded Infinity Scarf Pattern - Scarf Pattern

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Fingerless Gloves Sewing Pattern

Fingerless Gloves Pattern - Knit Sewing Pattern

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Be Your Own Fashion Designer.
Learn to Make your Own Sewing pattterns.

Introducing a New Online Pattern Making Course "Making a Moulage - the GRD Method"

A Solid Foundation

Draft a pattern (called a Moulage) from your custom measurements.

Freedom to Design

After you Fit your Moulage, you’ll create a Sloper (added wearing ease) which you can use to create all the designs you have in your head.

Learn a New Skill

The GRD Method is a New way to create patterns based 100% on your measurements. It’s a Step-by-Step process & totally achievable.

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Introducing a New Online Pattern Making Course

Customize your dress form with your Moulage

“I know how it feels to go through all the work making something, only to find out it doesn’t fit.”

That’s why I created this pattern making method during the last 17 years working in the garment industry.

  • Custom Dart Depths based on your Measurements
  • Custom Shoulder Slopes
  • No industry standards
  • The Math is done for you!
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Sewing Patterns

Learn how to create sewing patterns that fit you perfectly

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I’m with you every step of the way with Videos and Tutorials

  • Let’s do this together.
  • You’ll make patterns perfect for You.
  • Because there is nothing better than having Your Own Style.

How the Moulage Works
Measure Yourself
Draft the moulage
Sew & fit it


After 19 years of working in the garment industry, I'm happy to share my pattern making and sewing techniques with you. My journey in the industry started at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC where I studied. I then worked in high fashion fitting beautiful gowns and tailored women’s suits. After moving to California, I worked for Oakley & then at Vans, creating Snowboarding outerwear and surf boardshorts. My husband and I moved to Germany where I worked freelance and started GRD :) We've been living in Switzerland for the last 7 years, where I lead a talented team of Pattern Makers at a Sportswear brand. I love the hiking, swimming and cycling in the beautiful surrounding nature.

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