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Make Sewing Pattern Alterations & Achieve the Perfect Fit You Desire

Think of how happy, proud, and accomplished you feel when you have sewn an outfit, it fits, and you love it.

Many people struggle with the standard sizing of commercial or indie sewing patterns. The standard measurements often lead to fitting issues. This garment fitting ebook will help you adjust sewing patterns to achieve the perfect fit you desire.

This fitting ebook covers tops, pants, and skirts. There are visual sketches and links to simple videos to help during the 3-part fitting process.

               Here’s How it Works:
               A) Identify the Fitting Issue.
               B) Pin, Cut, & Tape the Fitting Sample.
               C) Correct the Sewing Pattern.

It’s time to sew clothes you love that fit. Order your ebook today.

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The Fitting Book (ebook pdf):

The Fitting Book (ebook) covers the following categories for pattern alterations:
• Full Bust Adjustments (FBA) (Bodice alterations for princess seams, darts, no darts)
• Small Bust Adjustments (SBA) (for princess seams, darts, no darts)
• Armscye adjustments & Sleeve alterations
• Across Front, Back & Shoulder pattern adjustments
• Neckline pattern corrections
• Basic skirt pattern alterations
• Fitting Pants – This is my specialty and what I’m known for in the industry
• Demystifying Draglines (my secret to understanding diagonal draglines)

This is an ebook (used digitally on your computer or tablet, NOT for kindle). You will learn about terminology, abbreviations, pattern tools, and patternmaking supplies. The book shows how to use a hip curve, a French curve, and a clear ruler for patternmaking.

The sketches and most photos within the book are in black and white. This is not a pattern drafting book. The pattern corrections can be applied to womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, knit styles, and woven styles.

Finally, you will learn about the customization scale in garment fitting and patternmaking. This is a digital pdf ebook (not a kindle book).

If you are one of my 55,000+ followers on Instagram and Facebook, you may have seen my short fitting videos. For all the fitting alterations in this book, there are corresponding simple videos to reference on YouTube. The videos give you a quick visual of how to do each correction, so you never get stuck.

Stop wasting your time and money sewing clothes that don’t fit well.

It’s time to make clothes you love that fit.

In case you are searching for the printed version of The Fitting Book, you can find options here for ordering HERE.

The ISBN of the printed book is:

ISBN: 9783033083745

You can also search for: Fitting Book, Gina Renee and it should come up online 🙂

2 reviews for The Fitting Book (ebook pdf)

  1. Moonika Roogna (verified owner)

    This book is amazing!
    I ordered PDF and now I can use it in my tablet, whereever and whenever I need. I love that I can use search and QR codes that lead you to the videoclips with show you the specific alteration, is just so cool! 😀 Reading is one thing, but actually seeing and hearing explanations are whole other level.
    I bought it just a week ago and I’ve already used it many times.
    It’s easy to follow, drawings are clear and make sence. And it has both metric and imperial measurements!
    You don’t have to be an expert in fitting, but I think with the help of this book, you will be 🙂
    Thank you Gina Renee for all your hard work and giving this book to us!

    • Gina Renee

      I’m so happy you like the book Moonika! Thank you so much for your nice review of the book! I know you’ll be getting a lot of use out of the book for many years to come 🙂

  2. Evelyn Chavez (verified owner)

    This is an amazing book!! I highly recommend it. It has been my reference book, like my sewing book dictionary. Really happy and satisfied with it. Worth it 🙂

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