Students’ Stories – Mastering Garment Ease

What if I haven’t really done many Pattern Corrections Before?

Andrea’s Experience

A Linear Approach was Key

Mary’s Story

8 Years of trying to Understand Fitting, Until Now.

Cheryl’s Story

I sat down to have conversations with some of the students from the online course, “Mastering Garment Ease – the GRD Method.”


I didn’t know what they would say before we spoke, and it was so fun to hear their feedback. I hope you enjoy it too! I hope it gives you some inspiration for your sewing journey.


We talk a lot about the Private Facebook community. However, the private community has now moved to my website. It is no longer on Facebook. If you don’t feel comfortable posting in a community setting, we can converse via email about any questions you have.


I hope to see you in the online course soon!

Quotes of what students have said about the mastering garment ease course