The Fitting Book

Think of how happy, proud, and accomplished you feel when you have sewn an outfit, it fits, and you love it.

Many people struggle with the standard sizing of commercial or indie sewing patterns. The standard measurements often lead to fitting issues. This garment fitting guide will help you adjust sewing patterns to achieve the perfect fit you desire.

This fitting book covers tops, pants, and skirts. There are visual sketches and links to simple videos to help during the 3-part fitting process.

The fitting videos give you a quick visual of how to do each correction, so you never get stuck. Fitting is a step-by-step process, and learning the process is very achievable. This book gives you clear and concise steps to achieve a customized fit.

The price of the printed book starts at $34.95USD. Currencies, taxes, and countries vary.

The price of the ebook pdf is on sale now for $22.95USD.

Stop wasting time and money sewing clothes that don’t fit well.

It’s time to sew clothes you love that fit.